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Cystic Fibrosis – A Challenging Disease Scientists Fight Against

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a rare disease that causes damage to the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. Its incidence varies across the globe. In the USA, CF affects one in every 3500 newborns, and in Europe it’s one in every 2000–3000. Does the low number of patients with CF worldwide discourage scientists from finding a cure? Let’s have a look at what’s currently known about CF as well as existing and future therapies.

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Aisleen PetersonCystic Fibrosis – A Challenging Disease Scientists Fight Against

Rare But Not Forgotten – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most common type of muscular dystrophy, which is characterised by muscle weakening and breakdown. It is a devastating disease that we still don’t fully understand, and currently there is no cure. Patients have a very limited number of therapy options. Scientists are working hard to develop new treatment therapies, but they still face many challenges.

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Aisleen PetersonRare But Not Forgotten – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Depression – it’s time to take care of yourself

During mental health awareness month, many organisations around the world report on mental health, so that those who suffer from mental illnesses are not forgotten.

According to the World Health Organization, depression is “a common mental disorder, characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, feelings of tiredness, and poor concentration”.

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Aisleen PetersonDepression – it’s time to take care of yourself


Prime Global Does The Great Manchester 10K Run

On Sunday 28th May, 22 of our Manchester colleagues will be representing Prime Global in the Great Manchester 10K Run.

As The Beatles famously sang, “it was 20 years ago today…” Well, not quite, but 1997 did see the establishment of Prime Global, with just one employees. Now we have over 100 people across three continents and we’re still growing. To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve set ourselves another challenge as part of our on-going programme to give something back to charities close to our hearts.

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HIV Vaccines – Insights into a Scientist’s Mind

There is currently no vaccine available that can prevent human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Why do scientists believe that an effective and safe HIV vaccine can teach the immune system how to fight HIV? I had a closer look at their latest research of HIV vaccines.

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Aisleen PetersonHIV Vaccines – Insights into a Scientist’s Mind

Lost, but not Alone – Dare to be Different

During my first week of living in Manchester, I ran into a woman who would be considered “special”. It was one of those grey, cold and simply miserable winter days. As it was rush hour the Oxford Road was full of cars and pedestrians; everyone was busy. She was only dressed in her night gown. It was clear that she wasn’t really aware of her surroundings as she mostly mumbled to herself. However, there were moments when she seemed to feel the eyes of passers-by and shouted “Don’t patronize me”. I behaved like everyone else and ignored her, mostly because I didn’t know how to react. In May, the mental health awareness month, I sometimes wonder whether she got back home alright.

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Aisleen PetersonLost, but not Alone – Dare to be Different

Let the Training Commence

The Paragon team kicked off training this week for The Great Manchester Run, taking place on Sunday 28th May.

This year, 18 runners from Prime Global will be taking part from our Knutsford and Macclesfield offices, raising money for charity.

First though, time to get training in Tatton Park!

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Prime GlobalLet the Training Commence

New Editorial Director joins Paragon in Macclesfield

Kerry Acheson joins us as Associate Editorial Director for Paragon, based in our brand new Macclesfield office. Kerry brings a wealth of experience to the team having worked in med comms for over 10 years across a range of therapy areas and projects. Kerry has a passion for people, both in training and developing writers, and in building relationships with clients and therapy experts. “I am looking forward to supporting the continued growth of Paragon and developing our new Macclesfield office!”

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Prime GlobalNew Editorial Director joins Paragon in Macclesfield

Amazing scientific sight…! The teams from ONYX and Only Oncology take a few moments on a recent business trip to admire the Atomium as it gleams against the bright blue Brussels sky!

Picture + Amazing scientific sight! Thanks to ONYX and Only Oncology for sharing this fantastic pic taken on a recent business trip.

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Prime GlobalAmazing scientific sight…! The teams from ONYX and Only Oncology take a few moments on a recent business trip to admire the Atomium as it gleams against the bright blue Brussels sky!

Publishing, medical writing and authorship conference

Valerie Moss attended the conference, “Publishing, medical writing and authorship: is more transparency needed?” This issue may also be known as ghostwriting. The definition of a ghostwriter is an Individual who inputs substantially, but acknowledged hardly at all for their work.

This event focused on discussing issues around authorship and the transparency of medical writing support, exploring industry practices and the use and recognition of writers.

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Prime GlobalPublishing, medical writing and authorship conference

Evelina Papaioannou

Evelina is a fine example of character we strive for at Prime Global. She has helped inspire girls at the local high school and works tremendously hard at everything she does. What a brilliant asset to our team and community.

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Prime GlobalEvelina Papaioannou


Medical communications business set to open new offices as Cheshire headcount grows

Hot on the heels of its recent brand launch, Prime Global has announced the arrival of a fifth office, opening this November in Macclesfield. The full-service medcomms group is already a worldwide operation, with people in Knutsford, London, New York and San Francisco. This latest expansion will see staff numbers grow well beyond 100.

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Prime Medical Group going “Global”

Medical communications business evolves its brand to reflect worldwide operations

Leading medcomms and biotech/pharma specialist, The Prime Medical Group, is already a global operation, with offices in New York and San Francisco as well as the UK. With a growing head count and international client base, the business has chosen this moment to create a new name for itself too. As rebrands go it’s a case of evolution rather than revolution; one which accurately reflects their truly worldwide capability.

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Prime GlobalPrime Medical Group going “Global”

In the Mix

When the Oslo Cancer Cluster was established in August 2015 with funding of over one billion Norwegian krone, this dedicated oncology research incubator was intended to be a centre of expertise; home to the very best in the business. It’s no surprise then, that the only communications agency to be part of the cluster is the Prime Global specialist oncology consultancy service, Only Oncology. Announcing its membership this month, OO will form a key link in the value chain, working with industry leaders developing new cancer diagnostics and medicines.

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Prime GlobalIn the Mix

New Directions

As Paragon gears up to support its most intensive programme of client events to date over the 2016 congress season, we manage to combine meticulous preparations with an expansion of our client roster as well as our senior team.

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Prime GlobalNew Directions


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