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Onyx is a specialist agency with a laser focus on orphan drugs/rare diseases, regenerative medicine including gene therapy, biosimilars and innovative medical technologies where significant unmet clinical needs exist.

Building on our deep heritage in orphan drugs/rare diseases and regenerative medicines, Onyx delivers engaging made-to-measure programmes which successfully overcome the significant and very specific communications challenges such areas present.

Onyx reflects our ability to navigate complex science and our commitment to developing communications for therapies at the cutting edge of medicine using a mix of traditional channels, exciting new innovations in the digital space and avant-garde creativity.


Cutting-edge healthcare. Cutting-edge communications.

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Recent Highlights.

Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress in Brussels 2016

Prime Global present Gene TherapyHoward Sinclair presenting at the Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress in Brussels earlier this year, a  particular honour for the Onyx team.


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Interesting Challenges.

  • In many rare diseases, newborn screening is not available; identifying and diagnosing patients with rare diseases is a key challenge for healthcare professionals.

Random Fact.

An estimated 350 million people worldwide have a rare disease and 30% of children with rare diseases die before their 5th birthday.* Thirty-five percent of deaths in the first year of life are caused by rare diseases.*
*Source: www.globalgenes.org


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