An interview with Amy Sharples, Multichannel Marketing Director at Prime Global

Amy is a very fresh face to join our Prime Global family. We got to know more about Amy’s past experiences working for a charity and how her depth of knowledge will add great innovative ideas to our digital team. Exciting to have you on board, Amy!

Q. How have you progressed in your career to get to where you are now?

I started at a pharma PR agency working on ethical and consumer healthcare clients. Next, I joined an environmental behaviour change charity where I first got into digital marketing, running email and PPC campaigns and updating the website. Following that, I joined the British Heart Foundation, where I spent eight years. I specialised in paid media and grew our in-house digital marketing team from a few Execs to a team of 18 specialists across email marketing, digital marketing strategy and paid media performance.

Q. What are your top three reasons for joining Prime Global?

My top reasons for joining are:

 #1: I love being involved in and developing digital strategies, and there is so much scope to make a big impact in the pharma industry. 

#2: Because pharma and healthcare is an exciting field I’m passionate about. Your health is your wealth and it matters to everyone. 

3#: Because Prime Global People are brilliant.

Q. What draws you to the digital world and based off this, what technology do you think is one to watch and why?

The tangibility, the data, the feedback and iterations that drive optimal outcomes. Key to this is tracking and measurement, less reliance on cookies is a hot and evolving topic. How the industry adapts to this in the next couple of years will have a big effect on the advertising ecosystem.

I’m looking forward to seeing how new technologies enable effective performance while respecting privacy.

Q. Describe your day-to-day role to those who may be interested for their own career?

My typical day involves lots of virtual meetings for briefings and to provide feedback and advice. I do a lot of research, reading and producing content; from papers and presentations to contributing to pitches. I get work on a broad range of projects; from digital strategy to converting face-to-face interactive materials to online platforms.

Q. What would you say to your 14-year-old self, based on everything you have learnt?

  • Play to your strengths and don’t worry about what you’re not good at. 
  • Learn to meditate! If you do one thing, this will be a skill that will serve you best in life.
  • I’d also tell myself to learn how to budget.

Q. If you had to make an app for anything, what would it be?

Ooh. Designing prints for household things and sending them off to be done. I’d love to design my own tea pot, or clothes sharing app where you can borrow things easily and help save unnecessary purchases. It has been done before but not successfully!

Thanks for your time, Amy! 

If you’re interested in working for Prime Global, look at our available roles here:

Prime GlobalAn interview with Amy Sharples, Multichannel Marketing Director at Prime Global
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