An interview with Cindy Cheung, Senior Medical Writer at Prime Global

Cindy has always been interested in science and has carved out a career in medical communications after completing a medical degree. Here, she tells us how she did it, what her favourite therapy areas are, and what she’s most excited about right now!”

Q. What did you study, and have you always been a science fanatic?
I have always had a very strong science background. I started with a bachelor’s science degree in Psychology and then went onto medical school and got my medical degree. I loved med school, including the people, patient interaction and doctor interaction, but when I was applying for residencies, I realised that the lifestyle wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I knew that my priorities had changed, and I had to sacrifice a lot, even in the training. So, I took a step back and thought about my options. I came across med comms when I googled careers that linked to medicine and was so surprised to find that being a medical writer could combine all my experience and hard work from my training in the form of being a medical writer. I was drawn to the role as it was also creative and involved collaborative ways of working. I felt that this suited my personality so well. People are always surprised that I’m a medical writer and not in client services, as I love to interact with people!

Q. How have you progressed in your career at Prime Global and have you always worked on the same team?
I’ve been here around a year and half now. When I was being interviewed, I was passionate about my own career progression and was clear on what I wanted and needed. When I started, I took part in the management training workshop for current and future managers, which was very useful. They flew a specialist over from the UK and we talked over the best ways to manage people. I felt supported straight away and knew that Prime Global was the place for me. The value that is placed in the teaching and investing in employees with their dedicated People Development team is brilliant. I’m usually in the New York office, working remotely from my team as I have throughout my career. Of course, we’re all working remotely at the moment! A lot of my team is normally based in the London office but having that experience of remote working got rid of that shyness, which has enabled me to pick up the phone with anyone and is something I encourage with all my team members now.

Q. What were your favourite areas of medicine, and what are you working on now?
I went through all the specialities at the beginning which has really enabled me to have a better understanding of all my projects. It was useful to understand scientific trials, lingo and journals , which has really put me on a good footing. I’m working on three clients, one of whom has had three separate products so it’s great to learn about different therapeutic areas. Every day is always packed with so much variety as projects are always different. As a Senior Medical Writer, I am client-facing and always learning!

What is it like to work in the New York office like and are most of your team based there?
We have recently moved into the new office that allows all the teams to work together, which is so much better logistically and culturally! There is so much natural light, we can have good team spirit and moral through seeing each other’s faces (before the pandemic anyway!). My previous experience of working remotely has enabled me to pass on any tips to everyone in the office, knowing what does and doesn’t work. My managers, Val and Gaurav, were very supportive when I started as I was the only team member based in New York. They were always open to my suggestions, making me feel so valued. We now have four people in my team based in the New York office and they have fit in seamlessly! Prime Global has been very adaptable at building a great office and team environment based off previous workshops, which shows how the company really do listen and plan to improve work life environments for their employees. That includes Ana, who is dedicated to all the people in the USA.

Q. What is exciting you at the moment at Prime Global?
One thing I am really proud of is the account I have been working on since I have started, which recently went from phase III to being approved; it’s so exciting! It’s so amazing to watch how this drug can help improve patients’ lives. Due to where this drug is in development at the moment, I have been involved in the scientific writing part but also the strategic planning part that I haven’t experienced before. It’s great to have managers who let me gain experience and exposure in many scientific area, which is rewarding. I also love interacting with the other teams within Prime Global like the Digital team and the Creative Studio who really add value to all the projects we work on.

Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
It would be to teleport but if I could have another, I would be able to get changed instantly into any outfit I wanted – I am always late!

A big thank you from across the pond, it was brilliant to get to know you better Cindy!

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Prime GlobalAn interview with Cindy Cheung, Senior Medical Writer at Prime Global
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