An interview with Pamela Lopez, Senior Account Executive

We caught up with Senior Account Executive Pamela Lopez, to find out more about her role and our Ignite scheme!

Hi Pamela! At university, you studied Chemistry followed by a Masters in Human Nutrition. How did that lead you to your career at Prime Global?

I have always had a keen interest in drug discovery, which led to studying Chemistry. During my time at university, I really enjoyed scientific communications and promoting scientific research to external audiences. I enjoyed this more than lab work. When I was researching careers that combine these interests, MedComms seemed like a great fit! I was particularly drawn to Client Services as I enjoy interacting with new people and project management. Prime Global offers me the chance to work with clients in a variety of therapy areas as well as giving exposure to a range of deliverables, from publications to med affairs and digital communications!

The team here were also a massive deciding factor for me – not only are they an extremely passionate and talented group but also friendly and sociable, which is very important to me. Having the opportunity to work with teams outside my own, such as digital and creative, as well as other agencies, has taught me a lot. It’s been great learning from such a range of people!

You were part of the Ignite programme at Prime Global. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

The Ignite programme provides specific training for those who are new to working in MedComms, with a variety of senior staff delivering sessions and sharing their experiences. As I was completely new to the field, the Ignite programme was extremely helpful in providing an introduction to MedComms and an overview of how we work at Prime Global.

What do you feel were the benefits of Ignite?

I was part of the first Ignite cohort to start virtually. Not only did the programme provide great training but also provided a chance to develop friendships with people outside my team. The coffee catch-up sessions within the Ignite group helped build a strong sense of community and communicate any achievements or dilemmas, which in turn allowed everyone to learn from each other’s experiences. This was very reassuring, particularly as a new starter!

Ignite also developed my presentation skills; every week, members would have to present on a topic of interest, this was a great chance to build confidence and get to know the team better.

In the last year, since graduating from Ignite I’ve been able to use these skills and help develop and deliver training for the new ignite cohorts based on my experiences.

What does a typical day in your role look like – if there is such a thing?

Client services is very varied, which I enjoy! On a Monday morning, I will go through project status sheets and discuss priorities with my manager, which will set the tone for the week. Of course, there are some constants, for example finance actions, status sheet updates, internal team catch-ups, and client calls. The rest of the week will depend on the outcome of these actions. We work very closely with the writers, editorial team, and presentations team to ensure timelines are being met. Organisation is key – MedComms can be fast paced so it is important to plan well but also allow yourself to be flexible!

Where do you hope your career will take you?

In the short term, I would like to keep getting to know my clients well, maintaining the strong client relationships we already have, and contributing to the growth of these accounts. As things are slowly going back to normal, I am looking forward to hopefully meeting clients face-to-face and supporting congress activities as I haven’t had the chance to yet, due to the pandemic. In the long term, I would like to gain more exposure in business development with new clients. Prime Global is growing quickly so I’m sure I will be able to make the most of this opportunity!

What is your biggest achievement to date? Personal or professional.

I took part in two half-marathons to raise money for the Royal Marsden charity, which is very close to my heart! I really am not a natural runner so the idea of this was torture, but surprisingly I really enjoyed them!

If you could switch jobs with anyone, anywhere, for one day, who would it be?

This is a tricky one! I love travelling and I love photography, so being a travel photographer for a day would be unreal. Imagine being paid to experience places such as Antarctica or the Himalayas. Working with legends like David Attenborough would be amazing too.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Travelling! Within reason due to COVID – but I have been lucky enough to discover some amazing places in the UK when travelling was stricter! I am also a bit of a foodie, I love cooking and trying new places. Completely spoilt for choice in London, which isn’t great for my bank account! Generally socialising with friends and family – whether it be drinks or out on a long walk, I do try and go to as many new places as I can!

Thanks Pamela, we have enjoyed finding out more about you and your role!

If you would like to work in MedComms or are looking for a new MedComms role, we have several roles available as part of our growth plan – visit our our careers page now!


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Prime GlobalAn interview with Pamela Lopez, Senior Account Executive
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