Siobhan Peterson

Pancake Day!

Today is pancake day, so if you haven’t already made some pancakes here is a boundless list of recipes you can try.

KCL Careers Talk

Thank you to King’s College London for arranging the talk on, “Discover Careers in: Science Communication & Public Engagement”. To find out more on account manager roles in medcomms take a look at Peter Llewellyn ‘s most recent publication, or get in touch with one of our Prime People to find out more about careers

Antibiotic Awareness

Today marks the beginning of World Antibiotics Awareness Week, and this video highlights the dangers of misuse. #awareness #AntibioticResistance #advice

Christmas Jumper Day

What a brilliant array of #Christmas jumpers from our prime people! We have helped raise money for @savethechildren because ’tis the season to be giving. #christmas #team #winners #jumpers #people #children #season #red #green ? ⛄️

World Science Day

Today is #WorldScienceDay, a brilliant time to celebrate the huge contribution science makes to all our daily lives. Check out this video: It’s about working together, using our innovation, ideas and imagination to push the boundaries of new scientific developments #togethersciencecan

Cancer treatment and prognosis

Brilliant new cancer treatments are developing in leaps and bounds and the beneficial effects are clear – new research shows thousands are living much longer after a cancer diagnosis: Read More: #progress #treatment #cancer

BLOOD: Life Uncut

This offsite art exhibition is by Science Gallery London. It displays the fascinating work of Jordan Eagles, Blood Equality. This work questions, ‘Is everyone’s blood the same?’ Thereby, challenging the legislation in the US and UK around blood donation from gay, bisexual and transgender people.

World Anaesthesia Day

Today is World Anesthesia Day and we’re looking back at the history and progress of some brilliant and influential medical techniques. Reflecting back on some of the unusual remedies and potions across the world highlights just how far we’ve come in scientific progress. Read more >>

World Mental Health Day

We want to bring awareness to mental health and stand together to support all those affected. Be brave enough to talk about it and believe we all stand together in bringing about change.

World Heart Day

Today is World Heart Day and we want you to be brilliant, so it is time to make small changes to your lifestyle to create a big impact on your heart health. The future of your health can be changed simply through diet and exercise. It is time to be determined to drops those extra pounds

Step Up Challenge ends…

We have reached the finish line of our step challenge! Well done to everyone at Prime Global for their brilliant effort. We have been trooping through our 8 week challenge and it has now finally ended. The time has flown by and the competition has been high…we pretend it has been friendly competition. Everyone has

One more week to go!

One more week to go! Our prime people have done so well over the past 7 weeks. This last week will prove to be the most challenging and competitive as we see teams going head to head. The gap has been closing on the lead team but, will they been completely outstepped I time for

Step up-Week 6

So Week 6 of our Challenge is done! This is not just a competition for our Prime people, it’s a way to encourage a healthy and happy life both in and out of work. So, this week we’re focusing on the brilliant effect walking has on your mood. This article gives a brief overview of

Organ Donation Week

It’s organ donation week, something we believe is a brilliant life-giving gift. This article tells how over 400 people died in the UK last year due to organ donation shortages. Help save lives by letting your loved ones know your wishes #YesIdonate Read More >>

Martin & Eve Bake Sale

We are baking and eating cake to help raise money for Martin and Eve, who were in the Manchester attack this year. This is such a brilliant cause and we hope you will contribute in any small way by following the link below. Thank you. #eatcakeformartinandeve Read more >>

Step Up Challenge – Week 5

We have reached week 5 of our step up challenge and we are feeling energised. The benefits of walking may not be radically obvious, but our muscles are still getting a good work out. This article outlines which muscles are working hard! #stepup #muscles #walking Read more >>

London Summer Party

You wait for a phone box then five come along at once… Our team in London were brimming with pride as they used their brilliant detective skills to solve the summer treasure hunt, with our very own Mr Moriarty to the fore. Even Sherlock Holmes himself would have been impressed. #treasurehunt #london #primepeople

Blood is Brilliant

The human body is a fascinating machine that we continue to learn new things about. This article explains how oxygen and nutrients in the blood are transported through the circulatory system. #blood #life #circulatorysystem