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Prime Omics is a technical and strategic consultancy to support clear and accurate reporting of molecular data in healthcare communications.

Omic-based technologies such as next-generation sequencing and gene expression profiling are rapidly evolving and becoming an integral part of drug discovery, patient diagnosis, patient management, and disease treatment. Prime Omics provides expert guidance on how to decode and characterise data from biological molecules, and use that information to help improve patient outcomes.

Prime Global Mantra

Decoding molecular landscapes for precise communications and healthcare access

What is Prime Omics?

Omics refers to the characterisation of biological molecules such as DNA (genomics), RNA (transcriptomics) and proteins (proteomics), as well as metabolic pathways (metabolomics) and/or microbes (microbiomics).

Accurate and reliable interpretation of omic data is key to the future of medicine. Prime Omics has the knowledge and experience to help you translate omic data and facilitate communications to support drug discovery and development, improve patient diagnosis, and offer precision medicine treatment options to patients.

How can Prime Omics help?

A key challenge in communicating the results of “big data” analyses is translating assay outputs into digestible take-home messages that can be understood by different target audiences. Prime Omics helps you bridge communications gaps between assay developers, pharma, and a range of audiences.

From assay development to global implementation, accuracy, clarity, and consistency in molecular data reporting add significant value to healthcare communications. The wealth of experience in Prime Omics can support healthcare development and access from bench to bedside, ensuring that the right patients have access to the most effective treatment.

Why choose Prime Omics?

Good communication of omic data requires an understanding of specialist technical language as well as the necessary regulatory processes to transition from laboratory to clinic. Our team has hands-on expertise in molecular technologies to support the development of your healthcare solutions and communications.

With a strong track record, technical background, and wide range of omic-based experience, Prime Omics works hand-in-hand with our agencies to deliver brilliant communications suitably tailored for a range of audiences including HCPs, Pharma, Patients, and Payers.

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