A New Dimension in Organ Study

In order to ensure that as many citizens as possible have access to the life-saving medical procedures they need, Japan’s Central Social Insurance Medical Council, an organization of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, has this week announced that the cost of 3D printed organ models used to assist medical treatments and surgeries will be covered under the standard medical insurance payment range.

3D printed medical models have helped surgeons around the world plan and prepare for complex and risky operations, giving them the chance to practice on a full-scale, patient-specific model, alerting them to potential risks and complications before the patient even sets foot into the operating room. Using advanced CT image data and 3D scanning technology, doctors have been able to recreate accurate, customized 3D printed medical models of everything from 3D printed vascular systems to 3D printed hearts to 3D printed brain models and 3d printed placentas

Prime GlobalA New Dimension in Organ Study
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