An interview with Jack Said, Associate Consultant in Market Access at Prime Global

Associate Consultant in Market Access, Jack Said, talks to us about what his job actually involves and what led him to this role at Prime Global.

You’re an associate consultant in market access. What does that mean?

In simple terms, market access within the healthcare sector refers to the process of delivering the right treatment to the right patients at the right time and the right price. The process is often complex and protracted; pharma manufacturers need to overcome various hurdles to ensure them the best reimbursement possible for their treatments while also keeping treatments affordable for healthcare payers so that eligible patients have rapid, consistent and sustained access. An effective market access strategy needs to be able to communicate the value of a treatment to different stakeholders; this process differs between countries.

Within Prime Global, I’m part of Prime Access, a consultancy that partners with pharma and biotech manufacturers to help them solve their different market access challenges.  We offer a variety of deliverables to help meaningfully communicate the value behind their products and navigate different reimbursement landscapes. My role within the team involves contributing to the development of different deliverables, liaising with clients and key opinion leaders, and aiding in the day-to-day management of multiple projects to ensure high-quality delivery within agreed timelines and budgets.

What did you study at University?

My undergraduate degree was in Biotechnology with Industrial Experience and my Master’s degree was in Biotechnology & Enterprise. I received both degrees from The University of Manchester.

Have you worked anywhere else before Prime Global? What has led you to this point?

Ever since starting my undergraduate degree, I have been interested in the transformation of scientific research into tangible products that could help society. After completing my undergraduate degree, I chose to pursue a Master’s that included both scientific and business modules, and during those I was first introduced to market access. Very quickly, I realised the importance of market access in the transformation of clinical research into medicines – specifically lifesaving medicines – and decided to pursue a career in the field. After graduating from university, I started working at Adelphi Values and worked there for two years prior to coming over to Prime Global.


Did you always plan for a career in this direction?

I get asked this question a lot! My honest answer is no. When I was still in high school, I really wanted to study medicine and become a surgeon. However, I quickly realised I was not comfortable with performing surgery as I could barely handle carrying out dissections in biology class without feeling nauseated!

How would you describe the culture in your team, Prime Access?

I would describe it as welcoming, collaborative, and motivating. We are a relatively small team, so everyone supports one another and there is an emphasis on nurturing career development as well as achieving business and performance goals.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

It never gets boring; no two days are the same! I am usually working on multiple projects in tandem and every new project comes with a unique set of objectives and challenges.

What is your biggest achievement to date? Personal or professional.

That’s quite a tricky question! I would probably say my biggest achievement was graduating top of my Master’s class and having my research thesis published.

If you could switch jobs with anyone, anywhere, for one day, who would it be?

Elon Musk, it would be very interesting to get a behind the scenes look at what’s going on in some of the world’s most innovative organisations like SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink etc..

What do you enjoy doing outside of work – pretend lockdown is over!

I really enjoy playing football and going for a run at weekends. Currently, I am also working on developing a minigame app with a couple of friends as a hobby. Over the years I’ve also amassed a large collection of vintage trading cards and I am always on the hunt for a trade or a worthy investment opportunity!

Thank you, Jack! It was great to speak to you.


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Prime GlobalAn interview with Jack Said, Associate Consultant in Market Access at Prime Global
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