An interview with Idaira Rodriguez Santana, Senior Health Economist

We caught up with Senior Health Economist Idaira Rodriguez Santana, to find out more about her role as well as her biggest achievements so far!


Hi Idaira! What is your role at Prime Global?

I’m a Senior Health Economist in HCD Economics, which joined Prime Global in January 2022. HCD is an academically aligned organisation focusing on health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and real-world evidence (RWE). I have a leading role in a variety of multinational projects, such as burden of illness studies, data modelling, and qualitative studies, spanning several disease areas. I’m also the lead of the HCD Spanish office, which entails line management responsibilities (we are a team of four), as well as organisational duties.


How have you found the experience of becoming part of Prime Global?

I attended the Prime Access and HCD Economics day at the Knutsford office; it was brilliant to meet everyone and learn about each other’s work and the synergies between us. It’s also been great to call on wider expertise from around Prime Global, for example in a new-to-me disease area, to learn from their experience and be able to better support our clients. I’m looking forward to working with other teams within the group!


What are the most important qualities for someone working in HE?

To have excellent research and data analysis skills, as well as the ability to think analytically and strategically to meet clients’ needs. Fluent verbal and written communication skills are also a must.


What did you do before joining HCD?

I was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York.  I worked in high-impact policy projects such as measuring the productivity of the NHS, analysing the drivers of healthcare expenditure, developing indicators of quality of care, and evaluating workforce policies, among others. In this role, I worked closely with analyst and policy makers from the Department of Health (UK) and the General Medical Council.


What’s your favourite part of your role?

My favourite part is that every day is different, I work in a few projects with different clients with different needs, and each day I face new challenges. It is a very dynamic role that requires constant learning and doesn’t become monotonous.


What’s your biggest achievement so far? Personal or professional

My biggest personal and professional achievement so far was obtaining my PhD in Economics. It was an intense four-year journey, during which I had to learn to conduct research independently, to self-motivate, and to improve my time management (which is very challenging when deadline is four years away!).


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m a very social person, so I enjoy meeting friends and family in my free time. I love trying new restaurants, going to the beach (I live in Gran Canaria!), hiking, and most especially travelling. I have never been very sporty, but since 2020, I’ve started playing Padel, a racquet sport played in doubles that is very popular in Spain. It is quite fun, a great activity to disconnect from work in the evenings, and it always offers an excuse to have a post-match beer with the opponents!

Thanks Idaira, we have enjoyed finding out more about you and your role!


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Prime GlobalAn interview with Idaira Rodriguez Santana, Senior Health Economist
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