Inclusivity of the LGBTQIA+ community within medical marketing

We are delighted to have been featured in MM+M’s article, A medical marketing blind spot: LGBTQIA+ communities being left behind.

Discussing the healthcare marketers’ engagement with LGBTQIA+ audiences and how this has had an effect on the industry, the article touches on some key points raised in our recently published blog post, How can Pharma build strong relationships with LGBTQIA+ patients?

Our Patient Engagement Strategist, Olivia Kersey, discusses with MM+M her beliefs on the industry needing to demonstrate support for the LGBTQIA+ community as well as how this can be accomplished.

Learn more about how far the medical marketing community has come in its efforts to better engage LGBTQIA+ audiences, and how far it still has to go, in MM+M’s article here.


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Prime GlobalInclusivity of the LGBTQIA+ community within medical marketing
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