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Welcome to our latest IGNITE cohort!

We’d like to give a very warm welcome to our latest IGNITE cohort. Having begun on 31st October with an introductory session, we hope our latest IGNITEES find the programme insightful and enjoyable!  

Prime Global acquires award-winning digital agency earthware, enhancing digital and technology expertise

Prime Global, a recognised global leader in medical communications, evidence and access, and patient engagement, has acquired earthware, an award-winning creative digital agency that creates life-changing solutions to real world healthcare problems. earthware joins Prime Global in supporting pharma and biotech clients at every step of the healthcare journey; their industry-leading technology expertise will complement

Ensuring sustainable business travel for our people

At Prime Global, we are passionate about ensuring our operations are sustainable. We are proud to be working together with travel supplier Gray Dawes, in partnership with Forest Carbon, to provide our people with an international carbon offset programme for all business travel.

Dementia and patient engagement: not as incompatible as you might think

An estimated 57.4 million people live with dementia worldwide, (1) and unfortunately, clinical trials for dementia treatments have resulted in few pharmacotherapies – none of them curative. (2) (3) (4) For World Alzheimer’s Day, Prime Patient explore how Pharma can collaborate with people living with dementia to optimise the industry’s dementia research and patient community

Reasons why we love working at Prime Global

The working day accounts for a lot of our time. On average, over a third of people’s days are spent at work. Because of this, it is extremely important we ensure we are spending this time in a place that is enjoyable and rewarding to work at.

Welcoming our newest IGNITE cohort!

A very warm welcome to the latest cohort of our entry-level training programme, IGNITE. This marks the seventh round since the programme’s inception in 2017, and features trainees across our Medical Communications and Evidence, Access, and Patient practice areas.

Patient engagement in rare mutation cancers

Patient advocacy and engagement are important no matter the disease area, whether it’s a common condition or one that few have heard of. Following the recent celebration of Rare Disease Day, let’s take a closer look at patient engagement in rare mutation cancers. 

Amplifying the Patient Voice in Rare Diseases

Medical publishing is evolving beyond plain language summaries to provide insightful, patient-centred resources to change the course of pharmaceutical research for the better. For patients with rare diseases especially, this could be just what the doctor ordered, writes Olivia Kersey, Patient Engagement Strategist with Prime Patient.