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Overcoming the challenges of gene therapy

Once considered science fiction, a number of different gene therapy approaches are now being adopted in clinical practice to target a range of diseases. Our Prime Omics team discuss ‘overcoming the challenges of gene therapy’ in their whitepaper. Read the full piece below.

First Patient Engagement Day a resounding success!

We’re delighted with the success of our first annual Patient Engagement Day, held on 1 September 2021. The day was a real opportunity for partners in the patient engagement space to join conversations, support best practices and drive new ideas and innovation that help to bridge that gap between pharma and patients.

Re-imagining congresses: how far have we come?

Pre 2019, physical medical conferences and exhibitions were an established, entrenched habit of our industry. This single point of focus was the axis of our traditional annual engagement model until COVID-19 hit our shores in early 2020. Michelle Collins, Head of Digital Solutions, discusses.

Be Digital Smart

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the adoption of new technology,  it’s a good time to consider the changes we’ve seen in MedComms over the last few years, ponder those that may be to come, and take stock of where we are right now. As communications trends and practicalities continue to ebb and flow, are the

The Future of Precision Medicine Beyond Oncology

Once a buzz phrase, precision medicine is now an integral part of healthcare systems for cancer treatment and beyond. Our Prime Omics team discuss The Future of Precision Medicine Beyond Oncology in their whitepaper. Read the full piece below.

World Immunization Week

We’re talking all things vaccines for World Immunization Week! With a combined vaccine experience of nearly 20 years, Gaurav Kumar, VP Client Services, and Elien Moes, Director Scientific Services, are perfectly suited to answer all our questions about immunisation and medical communications. They share their work on vaccine education and development, and even touch on

ISMPP EU 2021: Insights from Worst Practices in Publication Planning

Are you struggling with the common problems of publication planning and the challenges that COVID-19 has created? Check out some potential solutions in these insights from two roundtables at the ISMPP EU Meeting on ‘Worst Practices in Publication Planning’, facilitated by our Group Managing Director, Valerie Moss. Thank you to all the attendees for some

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Fewer than 30% of researchers worldwide are women and only around 30% of female students select STEM-related higher education. At Prime Global, we are committed to nurturing the careers of women in science and debunking the gender stereotypes that are steering girls and women away from science-related fields. Check out these interviews from some of