HIV Vaccines – Insights into a Scientist’s Mind

There is currently no vaccine available that can prevent human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Why do scientists believe that an effective and safe HIV vaccine can teach the immune system how to fight HIV? I had a closer look at their latest research of HIV vaccines.

Aisleen PetersonHIV Vaccines – Insights into a Scientist’s Mind

HIV Vaccine Day

Today is #HIVVaccineDay and we’ve been exploring the latest research of HIV vaccines and the treatments scientists are developing. Susanne Ulm, looks into a section of HIV vaccines and describes how they work with your immune system to fight against HIV. Follow the link to read more:

Emily AnslowHIV Vaccine Day

Lost, but not Alone – Dare to be Different

During my first week of living in Manchester, I ran into a woman who would be considered “special”. It was one of those grey, cold and simply miserable winter days. As it was rush hour the Oxford Road was full of cars and pedestrians; everyone was busy. She was only dressed in her night gown. It was clear that she wasn’t really aware of her surroundings as she mostly mumbled to herself. However, there were moments when she seemed to feel the eyes of passers-by and shouted “Don’t patronize me”. I behaved like everyone else and ignored her, mostly because I didn’t know how to react. In May, the mental health awareness month, I sometimes wonder whether she got back home alright.

Aisleen PetersonLost, but not Alone – Dare to be Different

National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

We can raise awareness by joining the conversation and by sharing information about HIV/AIDS in youth. You never know what impact you have on other people. A lonely teenager might stumble across your tweet by accident and read more about this topic. Parents might feel encouraged to start a conversation with their children. We could try to make the world a better place, one person at a time… Susanne Ulm, PhD

Rachel SkillenNational Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

Squats for snoozing

The first of March marks the end of #FebruaryHeartMonth – to mark the end of month our very own Susanne Ulm, PhD has written an article on how stress affects the heart. Susanne Ulm is a Medical Writer part of our Prime team and has been with the company since November 2014. Susanne has broad experience in different therapeutic areas, and has a passion for communicating science to different types of audiences. She studied how stress effects the heart for her PhD at Manchester University. Although #heartmonth may be over, stay mindful to your health and the things you can do to improve it.

Susanne UlmSquats for snoozing

Women in Science

Kartin Amunts is a worldwide phenomenon in science – advancing neuroscience with the ‘Big Brain’ – a model made of over 7400 scans. The model will allow neuroscientists from around the world to study the construction of the brain #WomenInScience

Katrin AmuntsWomen in Science

Heart Month

80% of heart disease is preventable simply by making healthier lifestyle choices. At Prime Global, we’re gearing up for February’s Heart Month, both in the UK and the US. We’ll be encouraging people to make life-enhancing changes. Let’s increase understanding of how to develop a healthy heart and become a survivor, not a patient. #BHF #AHS #FebruaryHeartMonth

Emily AnslowHeart Month

TIPPA 16th Annual International Publications Meeting

We’re proud to be sponsoring #TIPPA for the 16th Annual International Publications meeting, on February 21st and 22nd. There’s a brilliant agenda and our very own Yaming Wang will be exploring how to keep publication finances in order. Find out more at

Emily AnslowTIPPA 16th Annual International Publications Meeting