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Working brilliantly in partnership with our clients


Operating out of eight office locations in the UK, US, Europe and New Zealand, our agencies bring an outstanding blend of skills and expertise to the Prime Global offering thanks to the dedicated people who drive them forward.

Each agency provides its clients with full-service medical communications support, delivering core competencies through teams that are carefully chosen to ensure success.

The agency structure of the group helps us to give you the excellent service, consistent approach and high standards of delivery you expect. Our structure also enables us to fully comply with the demands of client confidentiality without compromising operational agility.

While each agency has its own distinct personality, all share the Prime Global commitment to scientific and creative brilliance.

IRIS is a strategic consultancy, operating at group level. IRIS (Insights-Research-Innovation-Strategy) supports each Prime Global agency to provide ever more effective solutions to their clients, as well as working directly with clients on big-picture programs to deliver transformational change.


Prime Access is a specialist Market Access and HEOR consultancy, operating at group level. Partnering with the Prime Global agencies or consulting directly where needed, our experienced team share their first-hand knowledge of payer communications and drug development.



ONLY Oncology is a specialist oncology consultancy, operating at group level. Our oncology experts partner with the Prime Global agencies as needed, providing senior expert support and unique access to their external networks of expertise in specific tumour types.


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Prime Omics is a technical and strategic consultancy to support clear and accurate reporting of molecular data in healthcare communications. Prime Omics provides expert guidance on how to decode and characterise data from biological molecules such as DNA (genomics), RNA (transcriptomics), and proteins (proteomics), as well as metabolic pathways (metabolomics) and microbes (microbiomics), and use that information to help improve patient outcomes.




Prime, the founding agency of our group, is renowned for scientific excellence, strategic acumen, innovation, and benchmark-setting medical communication solutions. This is evidenced by the deep and long-standing relationships Prime has nurtured with its numerous pharma and biotech clients; many of which span nearly 20 years.

Prime’s dedication to providing consistently outstanding quality and working in genuinely close partnership with clients, is the DNA that runs through all agencies within the Prime Global group. With offices located around the world, Prime provides a full spectrum of medical communication and educational services.


Spark is a catalyst for change. The team fuses deep scientific understanding and insights, creative thinking and imagination to release a fresh, new energy in medical communications.

From creating a robust and compelling scientific narrative to delivering impactful multichannel programmes, the Spark team has the expertise and unwavering commitment to consistently meet the most exacting expectations.






Onyx is a specialist agency with a laser focus on orphan drugs/rare diseases, regenerative medicine including gene therapy, biosimilars and innovative medical technologies where significant unmet clinical needs exist.

Building on our deep heritage in orphan drugs/rare diseases and regenerative medicines, Onyx delivers engaging made-to-measure programmes which successfully overcome the significant and very specific communications challenges such areas present.

Onyx reflects our ability to navigate complex science and our commitment to developing communications for therapies at the cutting edge of medicine using a mix of traditional channels, exciting new innovations in the digital space and avant-garde creativity.


Paragon, as the name suggests, is a model of scientific and creative excellence, consistent in its pursuit of perfection. Drawing on a broad base of industry experience, the Paragon team delivers a comprehensive range of tailored medical communication solutions.

Always adaptable to client needs and constantly innovative in approach, Paragon creates best-in-class solutions to every challenge. Paragon works best as a seamless extension of your team, going beyond partnership to become a true stakeholder in your success; helping to shoulder the hard work in achieving the project goal.






Scion skilfully strives to take everything to ever greater heights! Unwavering pursuit of scientific excellence and a clear understanding of the strategic and tactical needs of our clients, underpin the ethos of this full-service medical communications agency.

The smart, passionate and dynamic team rise to any challenge and aim to stay one step ahead while delivering tailored programmes to meet varying communication needs.


Core, renowned for coupling scientific excellence with creative flair, is delivering compelling, powerful, forward-thinking multichannel programmes. The young and vibrant team is bursting with creative energy, ideas and a wealth of expertise to create stand-out medical communication solutions.

Whether it’s internal educational programmes, virtual and live congress activities, e-detailers, complex publication plans or visually impactful slide decks, Core is constantly adapting and striving for ways to ensure deeper and on-going audience engagement, driving informed and better healthcare decisions.






Cambridge, previously known as Cambridge Medical Communication, is committed to providing clear and imaginative medical communication materials for diverse target audiences within the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on scientific expertise, and an astute attention to detail that gives our global client base confidence that we will deliver excellence.

Over more than 20 years, we have grown into an experienced and dedicated team of writers and editors, united in their passion for science, and driven by a common goal – to produce effective communication. Our wealth of experience means that we can provide a range of products from strategy development and meeting support to information sharing, and bespoke training.

Our commitment to supporting our clients as part of their team has paved the way for lasting relationships with individual medical professionals, as well as with large pharmaceutical companies. Cambridge is well-respected and our clients recommend us to their colleagues. We are adaptable and reliable, delivering on time, and within budget. As a team, we work hard to achieve success and to make our clients’ jobs easier.


Prime Access, a Prime Global consultancy, is driving excellence in payer communications. Our Market Access and HEOR team have first-hand experience in the daily decisions that payers have to make, as well as experience within the pharmaceutical industry as part of drug development teams. The synergy between this extensive experience and the Prime Global heritage of generating brilliant medical communications creates powerful Market Access messaging to support your payer communications.

For pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, we help shape the narrative, translating science into compelling value propositions that resonate with stakeholders across healthcare systems. For payers and policy makers, we empower the best value choices, providing a clear, coherent basis for decisions that can support the right access for patients. At Prime Access, our value proposition is clear; our solutions are designed by experience.



Prime Access.

Only Oncology.

ONLY Oncology is a specialist strategic consultancy which has specialist experience in oncology developed over twenty years. ONLY Oncology provides support to individual agencies within the group when a brief requires advanced understanding.

In one of the most emotive, complex and competitive arenas of clinical development, ONLY Oncology brings the high-level expertise and experience required to develop compelling medical communications strategies.

Prime Omics is a technical and strategic consultancy to support clear and accurate reporting of molecular data in healthcare communications.

Omic-based technologies such as next-generation sequencing and gene expression profiling are rapidly evolving and becoming an integral part of drug discovery, patient diagnosis, patient management, and disease treatment. Prime Omics provides expert guidance on how to decode and characterise data from biological molecules such as DNA (genomics), RNA (transcriptomics), and proteins (proteomics), as well as metabolic pathways (metabolomics) and microbes (microbiomics), and use that information to help improve patient outcomes.

With a strong track record, technical background, and wide range of omic-based experience, Prime Omics works hand-in-hand with our agencies to deliver brilliant communications suitably tailored for a range of audiences including HCPs, Pharma, Patients, and Payers.



Prime Omics.

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