Patient Engagement Day.

The first-ever annual Patient Engagement Day was held on Wednesday 1st September 2021. Check out the highlights from the day here!

Highlights from Patient Engagement Day 2021

Patient Engagement Day Webinar.  

View the on-demand recording of our Patient Engagement Day webinar where Emma and panellists, Shona Davies, and Laura McKeaveney discuss what is really takes to amplify the patient voice in healthcare.


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Join the conversation.  

You can join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #AmplifyThePatientVoice and #PatientEngagementDay and get your participation toolkit, to help you get involved.

“We are thrilled to announce the first-of-its kind Patient Engagement Day 2021. It’s vital we have an annual day where we celebrate successes across our industry and across our sector. We have to celebrate patient engagement day, we have to share case studies, we have to share what works and what doesn’t work, and we have to continuously amplify the patient voice.”


Emma Sutcliffe, SVP, Patient Insights and Solutions

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