Welcome to your 2021 Patient Engagement Day Toolkit.

Here you’ll find facts and quotes that showcase the patient engagement triple win; better outcomes for patients, for pharma and for society. Thank you for joining us.

The Toolkit.

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“Here’s something we’re doing to #AmplifyThePatientVoice [insert your case study blurb here] #PatientEngagementDay”

“To me, patient engagement means [insert here] #Patient #PatientEnagementDay #AmplifyThePatientVoice”

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About Patient Engagement Day.  

The inaugural annual Patient Engagement Day is on Wednesday 01 September 2021! The day is an opportunity to join conversations, support best practices and help drive new ideas and innovation to bridge the gap between pharma and patients.

“This year, we are thrilled to announce the first-of-its-kind Patient Engagement Day. It’s vital we have an annual day where we celebrate successes across our industry and across our sector. We have to celebrate patient engagement day, we have to share case studies, we have to share what works and what doesn’t work, and we have to continuously amplify the patient voice.”

Emma Sutcliffe, SVP, Patient Insights and Solutions.


Prime GlobalPatient Engagement Day Toolkit