Patient Voice Publications for Patients and Patient Groups.

The communications gap between patients and pharma is wide. How can we as patients connect with pharma and help to inform the support they provide to deliver meaningful change in our everyday lives, how can we make our voices heard?

We have created Patient Voice Publications to bridge that gap and give patients the opportunity to tell their story and have their voices heard by those who can make meaningful change.

Patient Voice Publications are a way for you to tell your story to pharma when they are meaningfully listening. Patient Voice Publications pave the way to deliver patient-informed, optimised care and support.

Why we’ve created Patient Voice Publications .

Pharma is in a unique position to support patients and to do that they need to understand what those needs are, how they should fulfil those needs.

We created our first Patient Voice Publications in collaboration with the Cambridge Rare Disease Network’s bi-annual RareSummit. We developed eight with patients’ and patient groups. What we learned and the impact of the PVPs blew us away. Watch Jess from the SynGAP Research Fund, talk about how PVPs are helping her community.



What do Patient Voice Publications look like? .

Here’s an example of a PVP we created for RareSummit 2021:

Are you a patient or patient group wishing to tell your story? .

Contact us today to find out more.

We’d like to say thank you to the patients and patient groups we’ve collaborated with on Patient Voice Publications. We’ve worked with amazing people who have been at the centre, helping us to innovate and bridge the gap between patients and pharma.

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