Patient Voice Publications for Pharma .

Patient Voice Publications are a new system designed to amplify the patient voice. Patient Voice Publications give patients the opportunity to tell their story, highlighting the pain points and challenges they face, voice connecting them with industry. They give industry the opportunity to listen up, to share the stories with their whole organisation, to use them as a guiding light in supporting patients.

Why we’ve created Patient Voice Publications .

Patients have needs outside of the clinical setting which are often unmet. Pharma is in a unique position to support patients though understanding what those needs are and the gaps they should be looking to fill.

We created our first Patient Voice Publications in collaboration with the Cambridge Rare Disease Network for their bi-annual RareSummit. We developed eight PVPs with patients’ and patient groups. What we learned and the impact of the PVPs blew us away. Watch Jess from the SynGAP Research Fund, talk about how PVPs are helping her community.

Boosting the Patient Activation Measure .

Activated patients participate in their own health, taking patient experience from passive to active – more committed and able to practice and contribute to their own heath.

Our SVP, Patient Insights and Solutions says “There is an increasing need to integrate the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) within all patient engagement initiatives as a way (finally!) to demonstrate ROI for patient engagement need – drugs through the pipeline quicker, faster through regulatory approval. Pharma initiatives that increase an individual’s PAM is linked with fewer use of healthcare resources and better self-management.”

Patient Voice Publications are an innovation that boosts a patient’s PAM, which ultimately leads to the triple win – better outcomes for patients, for pharma and for society.

Emma Sutcliffe introduced our first PVPs at RareSummit 2021. Watch Emma’s introduction and hear more about how PVPs boost a patient’s activation measure here.

What do Patient Voice Publications look like? .

Here’s an example of a PVP we created for RareSummit 2021:

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