Kerren Prime Global People Scientific. Whether running a symposium or facilitating publication of a manuscript, for Kerren it’s the variety of therapy areas and different opportunities which make her role so enjoyable. Our next video >> Craig Prime Global People Creative. Branding and design, video and digital; Craig says each creative challenge is about problem solving in imaginative new ways that will delight clients and engage audiences. Our next video >> Jose Prime Global People Client services. A talent for developing strong relationships is at the heart of working successfully with your clients; Jose gives us his perspective on the client services side of the business. Our next video >> Katherine Prime Global People Client services. No two days are the same; from helping clients to plan strategy to supporting the talent of tomorrow, Katherine talks about the fantastic variety of activities that comprise her role. Our next video >>

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  • I love the editorial game of spot-the-difference every day

    Nicola | Scientific & Editorial

  • Chris | Editorial

  • Ian | Scientific & Editorial

  • I’ve been to 58 countries and counting…

    Elke | Scientific & Editorial

  • Hiking, climbing, exploring and cooking! Travel is my true passion…

    Andrew | Client Services

  • Gary | Creative

  • Francesca | Scientific & Editorial

  • I am always happy on the back of a horse. Or travelling in Asia.

    Caz | Creative

  • Louise Martin

    Louise | Creative

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