Lisa Bratt

R.I.P Stephen Hawking

An incredible life dedicated to the understanding and explaining of our universe. Science was Stephen Hawking’s life mission and passion. He shared his knowledge and opened our eyes to appreciating the mechanisms of space and time, helping us grasp concepts and ideas through clear scientific thinking. RIP.

International Women’s Day!

Today marks a global milestone with equal rights and we are proud to be a company filled with brave, challenging and inspirational women…72% of our brilliant workforce are women!

Christmas with our USA people

It’s all smiles from Yaming as we start our final day of Christmas celebrations in the USA. We have had a brilliant time team building, sharing boundless ideas and of course brilliant fun! #usa #team #christmas #celebrations #people #brilliant

Christmas with our USA people

Last night, the smell of fresh pine trees and mince pies were in the air for our USA team. The celebrations of Christmas are finally underway and we are happy to be all together. #usa #team #christmas #celebrations #people #brilliant

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This October is breast cancer awareness month, so spread the word for early diagnosis and prevention. As seen in this article on how genetic testing may offer early insights for at-risk women in the fight against breast cancer. Read More >>

Helping Raise Awareness about Alzheimer

Today we’re helping raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. Check out this video to understand more about what the disease is and how it affects an individual: Mental health is vital to our overall wellbeing – see how we can support each other with the fight against such diseases. #WorldAlzheimersDay #cometogether #support

Dance yourself happy!

A brilliant way to increase your step count is by gliding your way around the dance floor. This fun activity not only raises your heartbeat and improves your mood but it may also help your brain health. Read more about it here… #stepup #movemore #dancingfeet

Office well-being

With office well-being increasingly becoming a priority for our employees, it is essential to point out how sitting at your desk correctly has a brilliant impact on your physical and mental health. Some tips are highlighted in this article so, why not take a look, and start your own pathway to proper posture? #posture #health

National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

The World Health Organization say at least 30% of all new HIV infections happen among 15–25 year-olds. Today is National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day and we need to spread the word, engaging, educating and empowering the young on how to protect themselves against HIV and AIDS. Susanne Ulm, a Medical Writer at Prime

Blue Dot Festival

What a brilliant science festival experience @bluedotfestival this weekend! The fantastic breadth of lectures and demonstrations on science, technology and space left your mind buzzing with wonder and possibilities. And what better place to learn when the views are this beautiful? #jodrellbank #bluedot #science

Celebrate medcomms Day with us

Did you know we have an office in Macclesfield? You could be celebrating #MedComms Day with us next year… Get in touch to find out more about our brilliant global career opportunities.

Heart Month facts

Your heart is an amazing muscle – it generates enough energy to power a truck for 20 miles! Know your heart and look after it #heartmonth