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Spark is a catalyst for change. The team fuses deep scientific understanding and insights, creative thinking and imagination to release a fresh, new energy in medical communications.

From creating a robust and compelling scientific narrative to delivering impactful multichannel programmes, the Spark team has the expertise and unwavering commitment to consistently meet the most exacting expectations.

Prime Global Mantra


Dig deep, think big

Recent Highlights.

Sorry we can’t share any specifics. Everything we’d love to talk about is very top secret! What we can say is that we are very privileged to support our clients on products and franchises that are truly at the forefront of their respective therapy areas. The expectations are sky high and the pace intense, but we like it that way. We’re working in genuine partnership with clients to help bring life-changing therapeutic agents to those who need them.


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Interesting Challenges.

Every project has its own unique nuances and specific challenges. We always go to extraordinary lengths to understand what is truly needed, before we work together with the client to develop optimal solutions. We aim for outstanding, and this approach helps us to achieve that, every time, for every initiative.

Random Fact.

We’re the best dressed agency in the Prime Global family…well at least we think so!


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